There has been a lot of research and investigation conducted on paranormal activities in the past few years. If you doubt that you live in a haunted house and desired to see a ghost then be prepared because for investigating paranormal activity for real following measures would be very helpful for you.

Do you hear weird squeaking or disturbing noises throughout your house overnight? Have you had any haunted events in the past that still haunt you today? So, it is obvious to you now that you should learn ghost hunting tips and if you ever have some weird disturbance near you now, then you will brave enough to discover and record any ghostly event.


Before doing some hefty work or doing some ghostly adventure than you must have these necessary supplies for your survival. As we much get depth into detail the first thing you should do is to get a pen and a piece of paper because this will offer you help to keep an eye on any paranormal activities going on.

The second thing is very common, a flashlight and as many batteries, you can get but should also grab emergency torch in case of mysterious events. The third thing is very important and for your safety, a watch and a mobile phone because this will help you stay connected to the outside world.

However, most ghost hunters carry out very expensive products for their video quality but you will gain an audience after some hard work, so you should go for a common set.


If you are going to search for a haunted place then you should have at least some information about that building. Researching on the internet is a very good idea as you will have an idea what things you are going to face or how to encounter them.

This will also give you exact timings when do these ghost event mostly occur in a day. You should also search for a map for the location you are going to discover as it can be very helpful later on. You should know that most of the haunted places are located near war battlefields, old castles or citadels and thousand years old cemeteries, houses or schools.

Before going to the location, you need to make sure that you are healthy and have all the essentials. If you are suffering from a disease, try to plan it later. For girls, if you are having periods and facing menstrual cramp, postpone this activity for a while. However, if necessary to do it right now, you can try PMS cramp relief by Comforté.


It is not right to trespass a locked haunted location because it can be very dangerous for your safety and if you call for help police will simply arrest you for trespassing a restricted area. If some owner advises you not to hunt in the particular than you accept his or her advice because he could be saying that for a reason.

 Investigation Advice

This should very much clearer to anyone that you must never ghost hunt alone because it is for your safety and psychological health and ghost hunting with friends is much fun and safer way of doing this. Don’t go to pitch black or dark areas because you can’t see in that and you will not feel safe and your health may feel to deteriorate.